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Champion Chompers, Super Stinkers and Other Poems by Extraordinary Animals

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Learn about animal extremes through playful poems and fascinating facts.

Who’s tops in the animal world? Readers get to find out, as they play a guessing game that uses delightful persona poems to introduce 19 animals who are the best in some way. Each poem offers hints about the identity of an animal and what makes it so amazing. Included are popular categories, such as Biggest Animal Ever (blue whale) and Fastest Short-Distance Runner (cheetah), as well as more unexpected ones, such as Best Engineer (North American beaver) and Longest Tongue (giant anteater). Poems full of personality combined with intriguing science - what a lively and fun way to learn!

Linda Ashman’s original approach to the ever-popular topic of animal characteristics makes for an appealing and informative book that animal lovers of all ages can enjoy. A full right-side page is dedicated to each charming persona poem - a poem written from the animal’s perspective about itself - along with an illustration by Aparna Varma showing just a peek at part of the animal. Turn the page and, on the left side, discover the mystery animal, what category it’s won, some interesting facts, including how the animal’s standout characteristic was measured, and a full illustration. With its introductions to both animals and persona poems, this is that rare book that works equally well for language arts and life science lessons, and as an engaging read-aloud. The content is supported by a glossary, an explanation of persona poems with an activity and more information about animal science and endangered animals.

 By Linda Ashman