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Everything DOG - Kids FAQ's

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This fun book launches our new series, Kids' FAQs, which will explore topics kids really want to know about. Everything Dog is not a typical dog book-it takes questions gathered from kids all across the country and answers them in an informal, kid-friendly way. What's a dog's tail for? How come my dog never seems to watch TV with me? Can dogs remember stuff? These are the kinds of questions kids have, and author and journalist Marty Crisp has carefully researched the answers and shares them here. Did you know that dogs date back 30 million years? Did you know that dogs whose ears perk up can hear better, while those whose ears droop down can smell better? This debut book in the Kids' FAQs series is perfect for young readers who are animal lovers or who are looking for report ideas, and for every kid who's always asking 'Why?'