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Mary Meyer

Sweet Soothie - Taco

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weet Soothies are little blankets with big personality that are as cool for mom as they are comfy for baby. These little blankets are super soft and full of personality, with a smile for everyone on their funny little faces. You’ll love the sweet smiling faces that engage baby and familiar everyday objects who suddenly have personality.

– 10×10″

– Watercolor prints are original, one of a kind Mary Meyer artwork

– Character blanket with cinched corners

– Cinched corners and ribbed plush backing provides tactile stimulus

– Soft, stuffed plush character sits atop the center of the blanket

– All-embroidered face details

– Machine wash, air dry

There’s much to love about Sweet Soothies:

– As much fun for mom and baby

– Sweet smiling faces on iconic emoji-like symbols

– Perfect size for little hands